The fence on the border between EU countries with Russia and Belarus will soon be more than 1,500 kilometers long

More than half of the fence has already been erected. The civilized world continues to distance itself from terrorists.

The land fence on the border between the countries of the European Union with the Russian Federation and Belarus will soon reach the mark of 960 miles (1,545 kilometers). According to the Washington Post , the construction of the fence continues at a progressive pace.

Lithuania tried the most out of all. The Baltic country has built 502 kilometers of fencing on the border with Belarus, as well as 45 kilometers on the border with Russia’s Kaliningrad region.

Warsaw also stands out. The Poles built 187 kilometers of fence on the border with Belarus, and also started construction of a 209-kilometer fence near the Kaliningrad region. The project should be completed by the end of 2023.

Latvia has built 130 kilometers of fence with Russia and Belarus, and there are plans to increase the fence by another 167 kilometers. In particular, Riga focused on the border with Belarus. But the Estonians still have no plans to build a fence: the existing 105 kilometers are enough for them.

Finland has the longest border in the European Union with Russia – almost 1,300 kilometers. The Finns do not yet plan to close the entire strip, but they have already started construction and testing of the first almost 200 kilometers of the fence.

Norway has the shortest fenced border with Russia among EU countries – only 200 meters. This fence is located near the Sturskug checkpoint.


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