The Pope admitted that he is not going to Kyiv because of the position of the Kremlin

The pontiff does not want to visit Ukraine without a simultaneous visit to Russia as well. Pope Francis is ready to come to Kyiv, but only on the condition that the second stop of this trip will be a visit to Moscow. However, the Kremlin does not agree to such a visit. The pontiff stated this in an interview with the Argentine publication La Nacion. At the same time, Francis admitted that on the second day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he wanted to talk to Vladimir Putin by phone, but the Russian side rejected the request.

The war in Ukraine – the position of the Vatican

The Vatican has repeatedly offered itself as a mediator in possible negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. At the same time, the Vatican condemned the Russian invasion.

However, the Ukrainian public remembered more controversial and ambiguous actions and statements of the Pope. So, last Easter, a procession took place in the Vatican with the participation of a Ukrainian and a Russian woman as the main actors in the ceremony. Many Ukrainians were outraged by such a gesture.

Also, Pope Francis previously distinguished himself with the statement that the West allegedly provoked Putin to invade Ukraine, and with the words “innocent victim of war” addressed to the propagandist Daria Dugina, who was killed in Moscow.

“I am ready to go to Kyiv. I want to go to Kyiv. But on the condition that I go [also] to Moscow. I will go to both places or neither,” he said.

When the journalist replied that a trip to Moscow was impossible today, Francis acknowledged this fact, but expressed hope for a change in circumstances.


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