On March 12, the Hollywood star turns 77 years old. We recall the life story and difficult path of the star of New York.

The famous actress and singer and sex symbol Liza Minnelli has starred in almost 20 films, released 11 studio albums and won an Oscar, an Emmy, two Grammys and three Tonys in her long career. She earned millions of dollars, became the “queen” of New York and a cabaret star.

We decided to open the curtain on the star life of the actress and tell her sad story. Liza May Minnelli was born under a lucky star in a very rich and famous family. Her mother is Hollywood superstar Judy Garland, and her father Vincent Minnelli is a director of classic movie musicals. As a child, Minnella had everything she could wish for, but also what she didn’t want at all. Being the daughter of star parents, she began appearing in movies and on stage from an early age. Liza’s first role was at the age of three, when she appeared in the final scene of the 1949 musical The Good Old Summer with her mother. At the age of five, she began to learn to dance, at the age of seven she performed in the theater, at the age of 13 she already participated in various TV shows, and at the age of 17 she sang with her mother on stage.

However, the girl’s life was not a fairy tale. Her mother, Judy Garland, was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and when Lisa was six years old, her parents divorced and her mother’s addiction worsened. They often moved, but despite alcoholism and addiction to various drugs, Judy remarried to producer Sidney Luft and gave birth to two more children, whose mother was Lisa.

The girl had to look after not only her brother and sister, but also her mother with her constant drinking and unstable mental health. But their relationship was good, Liza sincerely loved her mother and still remembers her with tenderness.

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When she moved to New York, a new chapter began in her life. At 19, Liza received her first “Tony” for her Broadway debut – the main role in the musical “Flora – the Red Menace”, at 23 she was nominated for an “Oscar”, and in 1964 her first album “Liza! Liza!” was released. . But in addition to a successful career, Liza also got the title of divorcee and heartthrob, because she “became famous” in the press for her relationships with many men. She was also credited with repeating her mother’s fate, because Liza also had a passion for alcohol and drugs.

In 1969, Liza’s mother died of an overdose. The girl had a hard time going through this period, even though she worked a lot and in 1972 she won an Oscar for the role of Sally Bowles in the movie “Cabaret”. The film became a hit at the box office, and Minnelli made a star on a global scale.

 / Fото: Associated Press

In 1977, the film “New York, New York” by Martin Scorsese was released, in which the actress also starred and sang her famous song of the same name, which was later covered and made famous by Frank Sinatra. Although everything was going well for Lisa in her career, but in her personal life life – no. She married four times, and all her marriages ended in divorce, scandals and lawsuits. She also had a hard time with the breakup, numbing her pain with drugs. Minnelli went to rehabilitation centers for treatment several times.

Her drug use was noted by Andy Warhol, who in a 1978 diary entry recalled how Minnelli came to the home of fashion designer Roy Galston and begged the owner to give her the drugs he had. Along with Warhol and Bianca Jagger, Minnelli often appeared in New York nightclubs.

In 1984, the actress even had to interrupt her participation in the Broadway musical “The Rink” in order to go for another treatment. But, fortunately, she managed to stop, and for many years now she has been promoting a healthy lifestyle and giving up drugs. Minnelli also worked in various charitable organizations throughout her life. Liza has no children.

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