A giant asteroid may fall to earth: scientists have named the terms

The probability of a direct hit is 1 in 625. In 2046, 23 years from now, an asteroid with a diameter of 50 meters could hit our planet. It says the probability of a collision is about 1 in 600, which is above average.

This is evidenced by data from NASA. The coordination center of the European Space Agency says that the probability of a direct hit is 1 in 625. However, long weeks of observation are needed to refine the forecast.

It is known that the asteroid, which was first discovered on February 27 and named 2023 DW, is estimated to have a diameter of about 50 meters.

“A direct impact with such a rock would not be as catastrophic as the 12-kilometer-diameter asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. However, 2023 DW could cause serious damage if it lands near a large city or a densely populated area,” the report said. that a collision with DW 2023 is still considered unlikely, scientists are rapidly developing methods to protect the Earth from such threats.

In addition, a rare comet that has not been seen for 80 thousand years will pass by the Earth in 2023. That is, the last time humanity saw this celestial body was in the process of leaving Africa and populating the rest of the world.


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