iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island inspires app developers to create games

Some app developers have developed games centred on the new Dynamic Island design on the home screen as iPhone 14 Pro and pro-Max owners experiment with the new functionality.

Kriss Smolka, an app developer, has developed a game similar to Pong called “Hit the Island.” It requires the player to use the paddle to send the ball back and forth between the paddle and the Dynamic Island in order to score.

“Who here now owns an iPhone 14 Pro? Quick device testing is required. Our idea game, Hit The Island, is coming up nicely, despite some lagging on the iPhone 14 Pro,” he added.


“Hitting The Island to rack up points is just as easy as it sounds. Wait, there’s a catch! The tempo of the ball increases. It’s clonable. In such case, the paddle will go smaller “in keeping with the app’s description in the App Store on an iPhone.

This entertaining feature was created by Christian Selig, the creator of the Apollo app for Reddit, so that users may maintain a pixelated pet on Dynamic Island.

Apple claims that Dynamic Island’s design blurs the border between hardware and software, allowing it to respond in real-time to display relevant alerts, notifications, and activities, so enabling new ways of interacting with the iPhone.

The TrueDepth camera’s footprint has been reduced thanks to its redesign for Dynamic Island.

The Dynamic Island stays in an active state so that users may tap and hold it to access controls without having to scroll through the screen’s content. Live Activities, which are available in third-party iOS 16 and give information like sports scores and ride-sharing, may use Dynamic Island, which keeps currently active apps like Maps, Music, and a timer visible and engaging.


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