Flipkart launches Metaverse-based retail platform; how to shop on Flipverse?

Flipkart has introduced a retail platform based on the metaverse. The platform named Flipverse would let customers interact with product discovery and shopping. As many as 15 brands will now have access to the service, including the clothing company Puma, the personal care and cosmetics company Nivea, and the domestic electronics company Noise.

For the launch, Flipkart collaborated with Web3 businesses, including eDAO, Polygon, and Guardian Link.

Initially, the brands will allow users to browse merchandise from various categories, including sportswear, wearable gadgets, clothing, cosmetics, and home appliances, as well as receive offers and collectables. The business said Flipverse would also be included in its loyalty programme super coins.


For Android smartphone users, Flipverse is already available on the Flipkart app. The test programme will be open until October 23. Find out how to access and shop in Flipverse below.

Step 1: On your PC, go to https://firedrops.flipkart.com/qr-page.html.
Step 2: Click “Enter Flipverse” and use your Android phone to scan the barcode that appears on the laptop’s screen.
Step 3: The FireDrops app will now be displayed to you. Choose a username for this page.
Step 4: Select Flipverse from the menu by tapping the menu button.
Step 5: Your avatar will be added to the Metaverse of Flipkart. On exhibit are items from names like Noise, Ajmal Perfumes, and Puma, among others.
Step 6: Navigate the Flipverse using the buttons on the screen.
Step 7: Tap on the items you are interested in. You may also verify any discounts or bargains offered on the e-website tailer’s using the platform.


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