9 out of 10 people would not pay for Twitter blue tick verification -TechGig poll

Twitter is nowadays in the news for several reasons. The microblogging site’s overall structure and functionalities have undergone considerable alterations since the business entrepreneur Elon Musk recently bought it.

The blue tick verification badge is one of the most talked-about features recently since Musk plans to put a price tag on it, the aspect of Twitter that gets the most attention. Up until now, verification was free and included a stringent background check. But Twitter will now charge $8 for the blue verification tick under Elon Musk’s direction.

We recently surveyed to see if people would be willing to pay Twitter for the blue tick verification. We have shared the outcome after receiving a large number of answers. Do have a look.

Before this $8 per month announcement, it was reported that the microblogging site might charge around $20. We ran a survey shortly after the announcement went viral on social media to get a sense of how people might react.

According to the TechGig poll, 92% of respondents indicated they wouldn’t spend any money to have the verification badge, even if doing so led to their removal of the badge.

On the other hand, 6% of respondents said they will be willing to pay the price each month for the blue tick. Only 2% are still trying to decide and have yet to make a choice.

There are several reasons why individuals are not interested in paying for blue tick. Blue tick is used by those who meet specific requirements on Twitter, but it is now available to anybody who can pay $8. Additionally, many individuals questioned why they should pay for their authenticity if they create a microblogging platform. However, the owner has a few different opinions on the hottest issue.


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