The bodies of 74 victims of a powerful earthquake have already been found in China (video)

On September 6, 22, an aftershock was recorded at the epicenter of the earthquake.

Search and rescue efforts continue in China after a powerful earthquake that rocked Sichuan province on September 5.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the disaster has risen to 74, according to Reuters.

According to the latest data, 259 people were injured in the disaster. Another 26 people are missing.

According to the agency, on the morning of September 7, the China Earthquake Network Center recorded an aftershock of magnitude 3 at the epicenter at a depth of 12 kilometers.

Forecasters also warn of the possibility of heavy rains in the region until Friday.

Recall that the strongest earthquake in the province since 2017 destroyed many buildings and caused serious damage to energy and water infrastructure, as well as telecommunications.

The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.8. The tremors were so strong that they were felt hundreds of kilometers from the epicenter.

As UNIAN reported earlier, as a result of the earthquake in China, 243 houses collapsed and 13,010 were damaged. Due to the earthquake, electricity was lost in several cities, highways collapsed, and hydroelectric power stations were damaged.

The earthquake on September 5 was the strongest in Sichuan since August 2017 – then earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 were recorded in Aba Prefecture.

In recent decades, the most devastating earthquake in China occurred in 2008. Its magnitude was 8.0. It claimed the lives of almost 70,000 people.


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