“Stop supporting Ukraine”: Russians went to a rally in Cologne, Germany


The Russian diaspora also demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

On September 4, a rally was held in the German city of Cologne, where about 2,000 Russians expressed anti-Ukrainian sentiments.

The Russian-speaking diaspora demanded the lifting of sanctions from the Russian Federation. The participants of the meeting also called on the German government to stop supporting Ukraine. The demonstrators held a banner in their hands, on which the word NATO was crossed out with a red line.


In addition, the Russians organized a fundraiser right at the rally to support the alleged “separatist forces” in Donbas. The leader of the pro-Russian event, Yelena Kolbasnikova, began to tell the delusional people that the Russian army is supposedly protecting the Russian-speaking population of Donbas.

In contrast to the Russians, several dozen people gathered near the Gothic cathedral in Cologne, expressing support for Ukraine.

Let’s add that there are approximately three million people of Russian ethnic origin living in Germany, many of whom are bombarded by Putin’s propaganda.

We will remind that on September 4, the ex-president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev named Germany


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