It became known, after obtaining the number of HIMARS, a powerful offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can begin


The Russians know how to embellish their victories at the front. According to various sources of information provided by Russian propaganda, the occupying army destroyed 20, 40, 100 HIMARS. But is this really true information? Today, there are 20 installations in service with the Armed Forces. This is enough to deter the enemy. But to dislodge it from Ukrainian lands, at least 5 times more is needed.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained this opinion. According to him, Ukraine needs at least 80 such systems, as well as 200 NATO-type howitzers. The front line stretches for 1,300 km, so the number that is in service today is not enough.


The expert is sure of Russia’s defeat for several reasons:

  • the aggressor’s army ran out of experienced assault infantry;
  • heavy losses of the occupiers demoralize their fighting spirit;
  • they simply do not know how to face the truth.

So, as of today, not a single HIMARS missile complex has been destroyed. Moreover, the occupier cannot even calculate a single location for placing this equipment. That is, they do not even know from which direction they will receive the next blow.


The Armed Forces successfully use weapons to destroy BC warehouses and destroy bridges for crossings. Continuous training of Ukrainian soldiers gives them an advantage on the battlefield.

Oleh Zhdanov also emphasized the fact that the Pentagon agrees with Ukraine’s demands regarding the number of weapons. The USA is ready to transfer the required amount of equipment. It is expected that Lend-Lease will be operational in November, and then it will be possible to speak loudly about the release of territories.

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine is working on weakening the enemy. The front line is advancing very slowly, the Ukrainians are holding back the offensive heroically. The fight for the villages leads to the loss of thousands of Russian soldiers. Therefore, you should wait a little longer and not lose faith in the Armed Forces.


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