For the first time in history, there was an increase in the inclusion of the Zaporizka AES in the energy sector: what is the problem for the population


Through later on the ash shafts of the Zaporizka TES, the order from the Zaporizka AES was issued, and the station was switched on outside the power supply.

The inclusion of a reverse line through the fire, caused by constant shelling of the occupiers, led to a change in the robotic Zaporizka AES.

The press service of Energoatom tells about it.

“25 Serpny 2022 Rock through Zolozhi on Zolovidlava of Curvy Tes, the roshtashovani guarantee iz іzorizko aes, a dvichi vіdovnya (quarter) Lіnіya Zv’yazka Zesyan-PL-750 kV Zesy-” Dnizprovka “. buli pozhkodzhenі pіd hаrishskih shelling “, go to the podomlennі.


As they explained, after that, two power units, as they worked, the stations were switched on in the line.

“By this rank, the divers of the garbniks caused the new inclusion of the ZAES in the power supply – the first time in the history of the station,” Energoatom added.

There they sing, the power consumers of the AES in the electricity industry are safe from the energy system of Ukraine through the ZAES-Zaporizka TES link. There is no respect for robotic automation and security systems. Start-up operations are being carried out at the nuclear power plant with the connection of one of the power units to the yard.

Let’s guess, the situation with the Zaporizhia power plant is not safe. For an hour, the IAEA was told that it was necessary to demilitarize Zaporizka AES for additional “negotiations”.


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