Record drought: German ships from the Second World War “floated” on the surface of the Danube


The low water level on the Danube made it possible to discover sunken German ships from the Second World War in a section of the river near the Serbian port city of Prahovo. This became possible because the Danube was very shallow. Due to the drought in Europe, the river has reached one of its lowest levels in a century.

Reuters writes about it.

In 1944, when the Nazi army was retreating under the pressure of the Soviet troops, the Germans sank hundreds of their ships in the Danube. They still impede river traffic when the water level drops.

This year’s drought has revealed more than 20 shipwrecks in a stretch of the Danube near Prahovo in eastern Serbia. Many of them still carry tons of ammunition and explosives on board — a danger to shipping. Because of this, the navigable area near Prahovo was narrowed from 180 meters to 100 meters.


“The German flotilla left behind a great environmental disaster that threatens us, the residents of Prahovo,” said writer Velimir Trailovich, who wrote a book about German ships.

It was previously revealed that the heat caused the Normandy village to rise from the depths of the reservoir that flooded it around 70 years ago.


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