In Switzerland, a Russian and a Belarusian attacked students from Ukraine (video)


The Russian and the Belarusian initially accused the Ukrainians of “oppressing Russian speakers”.

In the Swiss city of Zurich, a Russian and a Russian-speaking Belarusian attacked Ukrainian students.

One of the victims – journalist student Yana Sonchkovska – told about this on Facebook.

According to her, a conversation started between a group of Ukrainian students and two Russian speakers on the street.

“I understand why you hate Moscow, but it’s all politics. Ordinary people are useless here, I’ve lived here for 15 years and I understand what’s going on,” the Russian began the conversation in English.


“And why did you come here? How old are you?” – added the Belarusian.

“We are in our 20s, we are from Kyiv, we are studying to be journalists here. We simply fled from the war,” answered the Ukrainian student, a friend of the author of the post.

The girl added that she wants to highlight the truth, unlike Russian propagandists.

“You suppress my language! I have been here since 1995. Why are you here? Why did you come here to suppress my language?” – said the man, who introduced himself as a Belarusian, even more rudely to the mothers.


The young Ukrainians tried to ignore the men’s provocations, repeating that they just wanted to get to their homes.

In the end, the Belarusian could not stand it and pressed one of the students against the wall. He started shouting again that the girl had come to Switzerland to put pressure on Russian speakers.

The student, who tried to protect the girl, was hit in the face by the intruder.

“A mad Russian-speaking Belarusian wished us (Ukrainians) death. I promised him fame for the entire Internet…


Hearing about this, the Muscovite went wild and knocked the phone out of my hands… The Russian-speaking beast hit my comrade from Ukraine, who was standing behind him, with all his might, he could barely stay on his feet. Another Muscovite began to hold his rabid friend,” writes student Yana Sonchkovska.

In the end, the Swiss joined the conflict and wanted to contact the police, but they did not have time because the perpetrators fled.



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