An unknown person opened fire on a bus with people in Jerusalem, seven were injured


An unknown person opened fire on a bus full of people in Jerusalem – seven people were injured, including two seriously injured.

Details: Shots were fired at the bus on the road near the Western Wall, as well as in the parking lot near King David’s Tomb.

The alleged perpetrator reportedly waited for the bus to arrive and fired shots while the passengers boarded before disappearing.

The driver of the bus, Daniel Kanievskyi, told the media that the bus was “full to capacity”. The driver said he wanted to go but couldn’t because passengers were helping a woman in a wheelchair onto the bus and a lowered ramp was blocking the doors from closing.

It is noted that six men and a 35-year-old pregnant woman were injured. All the injured were taken to Jerusalem hospitals.


It remains unclear how many shooters there were, but Jewish media reported that police are looking for at least two suspects.

The alleged attackers reportedly fled the scene in the direction of the predominantly Arab district of Silwan, with police saying they were treating the incident as a possible act of terrorism.

Police cordoned off the area after the attack and briefly barred parishioners from entering and leaving the Western Wall complex.

According to Palestinian media reports, officers entered Silwan to search the area for suspected militants.

The Times of Israel writes that the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, called the attack “heroic” and said it was a “natural response to the occupation’s daily crimes.”


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