Massive fires engulf Portugal, Britain, France and Hawaii: what happened


Portugal’s largest national park is on fire.

This is reported by TSN.

Large-scale fires engulfed the central part of the country. Currently, more than one and a half thousand firefighters are trying to extinguish the elements, both from the ground and from the sky. Forecasters say that July was the hottest month in the country for the entire history of meteorological observations.


On 45 percent of the mainland part of the country – extreme drought, on the rest – severe.Many rivers in Portugal can now be crossed on foot. Neighboring Spain also suffers from suffocation and forest fires. There has not been such a hot summer here in the last half century.

A pine forest in southwestern France is being saved from fire. The element has already destroyed 16 houses. More than 10,000 people were evacuated to safer places. The country is currently experiencing its fourth heat wave in a year. The fight against the fiery element continues in Britain. Fields are burning near Birmingham. Rescuers filmed the fire destroying bales of hay already prepared for the winter.


As reported, the third explosion was heard at the oil depot in Cuba, the fire is approaching the fourth tank with fuel.

The largest fire in decades threatens not only economic, but also environmental disaster for Cubans. Despite the efforts of hundreds of firefighters, it has not been possible to bring the flames under control for the fourth day.


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