“You must be exterminated like the Jews”: in Germany, an inadequate Russian woman attacked a Ukrainian woman with a child


The Russian woman called herself a “native German” and said that Russia will soon stretch “from Moscow to Munich.”

In Bad Wiessee (Germany), an aggressive Russian woman attacked Ukrainians on a playground. The woman scolded the two-year-old boy and his mother for no reason, accompanying her hysteria with threats and accusations.


The Ukrainian woman shared a fragment of the conversation with the Russian woman on Instagram.

Oksana, a Ukrainian woman, remembered that she was talking to her mother, when she heard an unfamiliar Russian woman address her son: “Listen here, man, you are now quickly packing up your clothes and going to your motherland. And take your mother.” .

At the same time, a Russian-speaking woman called herself a “native German”, because she allegedly came to Germany 20 years ago. After that, the aggressive person said that the dictator Putin is “doing everything right” and soon Russia will stretch “from Moscow to Munich”.


The aggression of the Russian woman did not end there. The woman gained courage and said that “Ukrainians should be exterminated as Jews.” In addition, the Russian woman encouraged her daughter to behave in the same way. The child threw water over the boy and her mother called the child a “dumb h*sh.”

Later, the inadequate Russian woman realized that she was waiting for “glory” and responsibility for such behavior. The woman partially retracted her words, declaring that she was “talking to nature.”


However, the “repentance” did not last long. In the video, the Russian woman can be clearly heard saying: “How come you all herd into your shacks.”

The Ukrainian turned to the law enforcement officers to evaluate the Russian woman’s actions. The police promised to establish her identity.


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