Tourists on jet skis scared a herd of seals off the coast of Cornwall: local animal rights activists sound the alarm

Jet ski tourists have spooked a herd of seals off the coast of Cornwall.A pod of seals resting on rocks off the coast of Cornwall were forced to jump into the sea in panic after being spooked by three jet ski tourists.

As it became known, the incident happened near the coast of Cornwall in Great Britain. There, the family reached the rocks on jet skis where a herd of seals was resting.

The animals were so scared of the tourists that they immediately started jumping into the sea.

“If spooked, seals on land risk serious injury from grazing as they race up the rocks back to the safety of the sea. They are also at risk of falling from a height, which can lead to broken bones or sometimes fatal injuries,” writes the Daily Mail.

It is because of this that local animal defenders warned vacationers about the risk of injury to animals – in particular, seals, dolphins and other representatives of marine life.

It is the second time in as many weeks that the charity has issued a warning and advice to beach users and visitors to leave the seals alone.


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