Shooting in Montenegro: at least 11 dead, including children


In the Montenegrin city of Cetinje on Friday afternoon, an unknown person opened fire on people in a residential area – there are dead and wounded.

This is reported by “European Truth” with reference to RTV Cetinje and Vijesti.


It is noted that the incident happened around 4:00 p.m. local time, when the man suddenly opened fire on passers-by.

According to the RTCG, the shooting killed at least 11 people and injured six others, including children, as a youth camp gathered in Cetinje.


It is known that one of the policemen was wounded in the head, and at least two people – an elderly woman and a man – were transported to the clinical center of Montenegro.

The attacker died – either in a shootout with the police, or shot himself. According to the In4s portal, this is 34-year-old local resident Vuchko Borilovych. The reason for the shooting was probably a family quarrel.


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