Scholz got into a serious scandal: a party, “drugs” and rape


A new political scandal may break out in Germany. It turned out that at a summer party with the participation of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, several girls were given a “rape drug”.

This is reported by DW.

It is reported that representatives of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) are looking into the reports of girls who were exposed to “knockout drops” at a summer party party. In Germany, this term is slang and refers to the so-called “rape drugs”, which include rohypnol (flunitrazepam).


To date, 8 suspicious cases are being investigated, other potential victims are encouraged to come forward. The leader of the Social Democrats in the Bundestag, Katya Mast, advised these girls to report the incident to the authorities.

We previously wrote that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is considering the possibility of purchasing the Iron Dome for Germany.

We will also remind you that the economic crisis in Germany may drag on. Therefore, citizens were urged to prepare for further price increases.


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