In Britain, due to the heat, a ghost village appeared from under the water

The heat caused the Normandy village to rise from the depths of the reservoir that flooded it about 70 years ago.

The village of Bytings in West Yorkshire went under water in the 1950s.

The Sun writes about it

the water level in the reservoir, built in 1956, has dropped significantly. Britain’s Met Office has warned that temperatures could reach 35C, so an urgent warning has been issued for the most vulnerable citizens.

The worst drought in the last half millennium – this is how the experts of the research center of the European Commission assessed the current situation in Europe. They say it will only get worse.

According to meteorologists’ forecasts, the next months will not bring rain to Western and Central Europe, as well as Britain. The heat and lack of precipitation also threaten large-scale forest fires, from which Spain, Portugal and the south of France have already suffered since the beginning of summer.


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