The ambassador about the missile shot down near Uman: Russian attacks can cause victims among Jews

Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel, Yevhen Korniychuk, after shooting down a Russian missile near Uman, warned that missile strikes could also threaten Jewish pilgrims who traditionally visit this city.

Details: On the morning of August 8, during an air alert in the Uman district, the air defense system (APD) went off.

As a result of the fall of the remains of the downed missile, the object of civil infrastructure was damaged. Two people were injured and hospitalized.

Rescuers extinguished the fire on an area of ​​70 square meters.


Ambassador Korniychuk’s direct speech: “A Russian missile was shot down near Uman, which damaged civilian infrastructure. If such attacks from Russia take place in the month of Tishrei, they may cause, God forbid, many victims among Jews who visit Uman from all over the world.” .

This was preceded by: A month ago, Ambassador Yevhen Korniychuk reported that due to the war started by Russia, Ukraine cannot accept Jewish pilgrims on Rosh Hashanah.


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