Apple may postpone iPhone 14 release due to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Apple is negotiating with Taiwan to solve this problem / photo REUTERS

The reason was China’s new rules on shipping documents, which could lead to delays in electronics deliveries.

Due to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Apple may have to postpone the release of the new iPhone 14.

GSMArena writes about it.

The Chinese Communist Party has drawn up new rules that prohibit the mention of Taiwan or the Republic of China on shipping documents. This may result in some or all of the electronics being returned to Taiwan.

It is noted that the vice president of Pegatron and top managers of TSMC were seen during Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. This could further escalate the trade war between China and Taiwan.

Apple has already started negotiations with its Taiwanese partners, asking them to remove or change the inscriptions “made in Taiwan” on electronic products.

We will remind, previously Bloomberg found out what new products Apple will present in the next few months.


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