The James Webb telescope sent a photo of a rare galaxy to Earth.

NASA scientists have published a new image of the most powerful James Webb telescope.

The latest James Webb space telescope sent another picture to Earth. The photo shows a galaxy called the Wheel of the Wagon.

The picture is published on the official page of NASA.

Webb’s powerful infrared vision produced this detailed image of the Wagon’s Wheel and two smaller companion galaxies against a backdrop of many other galaxies. According to scientists, this image provides a new look at how the Wheel of the Wheel galaxy has changed over billions of years.

The Ferris Wheel galaxy is reportedly located approximately 500 million light-years away in the Sculptor constellation and is a rare sight. Its appearance, very similar to the appearance of a cart wheel, is the result of an intense event – a collision between a large spiral galaxy and a smaller galaxy.

The Wagon Wheel galaxy has two rings – a bright inner ring and a colorful outer ring. Astronomers call it “annular” because of these distinctive features. Galaxies of this type are less common than spiral galaxies such as our Milky Way.

Telescope “James Webb”: what is known about it
On December 25, 2021, NASA launched the $10 billion Webb Space Telescope. The telescope was sent on a journey of 1.5 million kilometers. The telescope consists of 18 hexagonal mirror segments combined into one large mirror with a width of 6.4 meters.

The telescope was designed to observe the dim light of the earliest stars in the universe, which are about 13.8 billion years old.


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