In France, all coronavirus restrictions are being lifted

The state of emergency, as well as the measures introduced to counter the spread of the coronavirus disease, will be canceled in France from August 1 after the adoption of the relevant bill by the Parliament, the “Schengen Visa Information” portal reports.

The bill would repeal the state of emergency imposed in March 2020, which also included quarantine measures such as self-isolation, mandatory wearing of masks, and rules requiring people to carry identification at all times.

At the same time, the government reserves the right to reimpose border restrictions if the disease situation worsens.

In addition, the government reserves the right to oblige everyone entering France to have a negative test for the coronavirus.

Earlier, Estonia and Egypt lifted their coronavirus entry restrictions. Ambassador Nader Saad, the official spokesman for the Head of the Council of Ministers of Egypt, stated that during a meeting of the Egyptian Cabinet, a decision was made to remove all anti-Covid restrictions imposed on entry into the country for Egyptians or foreigners.

The government of Estonia has canceled the order according to which citizens of third countries must provide a COVID certificate, i.e. a certificate of vaccination, recovery or a negative test for coronavirus, before arriving in Estonia.


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