SkyUp plans to launch its own airline in Europe

SkyUp will open its own airline in Europe

At the first stage, it will perform charter flights for European tour operators. Co-owner Oleksandr Alba told about it.

As you know, the new company will initially operate flights from the Baltic countries, Moldova, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is possible that there will also be flights from Austria and Germany.

The main part of the routes will be traditional tourist destinations, such as Turkey and Egypt, as well as exotic ones, such as Tanzania.

Undoubtedly, a significant volume of flights will be performed for our group of companies – the tour operator Join Up Baltics, Join UP Romania and Join UP Poland,

  • says Lyudmila Slobodyaniuk, commercial director of SkyUp. In addition, from the end of March 2023, SkyUp wants to launch regular flights from EU countries. According to her, the European SkyUp will perform the main part of flights outside the EU and, as soon as it becomes possible, to the UK.

Details have not yet been disclosed

It is noted that the sale of tickets for European SkyUp flights is planned to start in November – December 2022. By the start of the new tourist season in 2023, the company’s owners want to increase the number of planes to 19.

SkyUp Airlines has not yet disclosed the name of the new company, the amount of investment and the route map. This is explained by the fact that right now the final phase of discussion of the route network, schedule and base airports is underway.

However, it is already known that the new carrier will be registered in Malta. The company says that such a decision was made due to the speed of registration of a new company, the support of local authorities and tax legislation. To start in Malta, you need at least two planes and an investment of up to 5 million euros.


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