Serbia and Kosovo: a new conflict

Serbs who have Serbian citizenship and use the Serbian currency live in the North of Kosovo, but Kosovo has announced that it will stop recognizing Serbian documents and car registrations from August 1.

The head of Serbia believes that on the night of September 1, a military operation will be launched in Kosovo against ethnic Serbs to force them to reissue their documents. NATO in Kosovo, KFOR, said they are ready to intervene if the country’s stability is threatened.

The police moved to the north of Kosovo, and the Serbian Armed Forces to the south of Serbia. The President of Serbia issued a statement that he hoped for an easing of tensions between the countries. The US government urged Kosovo to delay its plans for a month.

But fortunately, in the morning it became clear – there will be no war! Kosovo postponed the procedure to introduce a ban on Serbian documents until September 1.


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