Greece has banned entry and swimming in the sea on beaches

The Greek Ministry of Health has banned entry into the sea on 12 beaches in the Attica region.

During the inspection of the sea water quality in the area, the authorities established the presence of areas with severe water pollution, which is dangerous for human health.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health introduced a ban on entering and swimming in the sea in dangerous places.

In the Attica area, swimming is prohibited on beaches near all ports and places where ships can be repaired.

The sea cannot be entered along the entire length of the port of Piraeus to Perama, as well as along the entire inner length of the port of Rafina. The ban applies to 12 places.

Signs indicating the reason for the restriction have been installed.

Although there is a fine for violators, local authorities do not expect people to disobey because it is related to their health.


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