In the USA, a man won $1.3 billion by buying a ticket at a gas station

It will take 29 years for the jackpot to be fully paid.

In the US, a man won $1.337 billion in the national Mega Millions lottery. He bought the lucky ticket at a gas station in the suburbs of Chicago. This is the third largest lottery jackpot in US history.

This is reported by Bloomberg.

“We are very eager to find out who won and look forward to congratulating the winner in the near future,” Mega Millions said.

The winner will receive the full $1.3 billion only if they agree to receive annual fixed payments for 29 years. If he chooses the option to receive the winnings in cash, then, according to the terms of the lottery, he will receive only $780.5 million.

It adds that the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.5 million. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot was $1.53 billion. It was ripped off by a resident of North Carolina in October 2018.

As UNIAN previously reported, the Canadian won 70 million in the lottery and will donate part of it to the restoration of Ukraine.


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